My Bucket List

Since it is now 2012, I’ve decided to remove my previous list and rewrite it as of 23rd January 2012. Thanks for those who have commented previously. I’ve used some of your ideas as my inspiration. If you want to read about my big decision to move from Australia to London, check out my post here.

I’ll cross off the city and link my post to this page once I have visited these cities so wish me luck!

Travel Plans

  • Salzburg – For the sound of music tour, click here.
  • Vienna for the Christmas markets (Visited in November 2012).
  • Copenhagen – visited in May 2012.
  • Madrid – to visit the castle. Visited in March 2012, click here for the post.
  • Pamplona – to be a spectator for the running of the bulls (July 2012).
  • San Sebastian for the food. Visited in July 2012.
  • Barcelona – for it’s history and art.
  • Malaga.
  • Seville.
    Italy (click here for more posts about my adventures in Italy)
  • Venice – to attend a masquerade ball (visited in Feb 2012, click here for the post ). For more posts about my adventures in Venice, click here.
  • Pisa for the leaning tower of Pisa (March 2013).
  • Florence – to see the ancient architecture and beautiful landscape (March 2013).
  • Sardinia – to swim in the cool blue waters (visited Sept 2012 – click here for the post).
  • Lake Como (visited in Sept 2012 click here for posts about Varenna and Menaggio and here for the posts about Bellagio).
  • Verona to see Romeo and Juliet’s balcony (visited Oct 2012, click here).
    For ideas about places to visit in Italy, check out this great link.
  • Everywhere as long as we see the Northen Lights.
  • The Algarve – for the beaches (Visited Aug 2012. Click here for the posts).
  • Lisbon – to see the Moorish castles nearby (Visited May 2013).
  • Edinburgh – to see Edinburgh castle and to experience Scottish culture (click here – March 2012).
  • Stockholm (June 2012).
  • Riga – to see the beautiful scenery.
  • Tallin.
  • Bath.
  • Stone Hedge.
  • Windsor Castle (March 2012).
  • York (May 2012).
  • Helsinki.
  • Istanbul (April 2013).
  • Dubrovnik (Visited in May 2013).
  • Split.
Czech Republic
  • Prague (visited in December 2012).
  • Budapest (traveled in April 2012).
  • Athens.
  • The Greek Islands (Santorini).
  • Antwerp (traveled in July 2012).
  • Bruge (traveled in July 2012).
  • Oslo and neighboring regions ( Traveled in June 2013).
  • Berlin (traveled in August 2012).
  • Munich (Jan 2013).Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Happy travels!