Local lookout series: mouth-watering brunch at black star pastries Rosebery Sydney

I love brunch! I love brunch on weekends especially because it’s a relaxing start to the day and a great way to catch up with friends on the weekend. This weekend, we caught up with our lovely, soon to be married friends. Baby C adores them and is always ready to dance around and play peek a boo!

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A whirlwind trip to Milan

In November, my friend  and I did a quick weekend trip to Milan. The best thing about Milan is that it is a quick flight from London (less than 1.5 hours), and if you book far in advance, you can buy airfares for £65 per person!

We had a great time eating and shopping. We woke up when we felt like, ate a 3 course breakfast and then walked through the streets of Milan as if we had all the time in the world! Continue reading “A whirlwind trip to Milan”

Merry Christmas from London

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that you had an amazing time with family and friends wherever you are in the world.

We spent Christmas in London this year with our London family – our good friends Lilian and Andrew. We enjoyed a hearty Christmas feast, good conversation, followed by a 2 hour episode of Downton Abbey! Love it! I really wish I could have lived in that century for just a little while. Continue reading “Merry Christmas from London”

The Algarve Beach Hopping Experience

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent the long weekend at The Algarves, Portugal.

If you are interested in good food, amazing parties and spectacular beaches, then The Algarve is the place to visit!

Having lived in Australia and always in relatively close vicinity to a beach, I have become quite the beach critic. The beaches at The Algarve definitely rank high on my list of must see beaches in Europe. Continue reading “The Algarve Beach Hopping Experience”

Suddenly 30: Am I supposed to feel different?

I am 30 now…

“Am I supposed to feel different?”

I do not feel different. I still have a love for travel, culture, fairy tales, European royalty, enchanted Castles and maintain my obsession with food. Continue reading “Suddenly 30: Am I supposed to feel different?”

New Years Eve 2012 in Berlin: Happy New Year!


We celebrated New Years Eve in Berlin this year. Berlin was a quick flight from London so many of my friends flew in especially for New Years Eve and flew out on New Years Day. It was well worth the effort. Continue reading “New Years Eve 2012 in Berlin: Happy New Year!”

Dare devil rides and merry-go-rounds

Do you like dare-devil rides? Roller coasters, water rides and twisty turvy rides?! I do! My friend celebrated her birthday in Thorpe park this weekend and we joined her on the adventure.

We started out all smiles with relatively empty stomachs so that we could scream and squirm our way through every single roller coaster in the park! Continue reading “Dare devil rides and merry-go-rounds”

Where can you get a good meal in Edinburgh?

Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we’re in the mood —
Cold jelly and custard!
Pease pudding and saveloys!
What next is the question? [Oliver Twist]

Where did I go for this glorious food? I went to Edinburgh on the weekend and sampled so much food glorious food! We also visited some amazing sites and learnt some interesting things about Scottish history, but that is for my next post. Today, I will take you on a food journey… It’s been 3 days since I have left Edinburgh and I am still thinking about the food… Continue reading “Where can you get a good meal in Edinburgh?”