My Inca Family

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In my previous post, I wrote about my time on Lake Titicaca and standing on the Floating Islands of Uros. We traveled to these islands by boats that were made out of reeds but then also hopped back onto our motor boat so that we could make it to our next destination, a short visit to the Island of Taquile. Continue reading “My Inca Family”

Standing on a floating island

During a visit to the Floating Islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca, Peru, we met the wonderful Uru people. Many years ago, the Uru people were too poor to buy land or pay taxes but that did not stop them from making a life for themselves. They created these islands out of totora reeds which were placed together in order to create a larger block of land. This meant that they lived on islands strong enough to build a community on but would shift down or upstream whenever the wind changed direction. After a big storm, they’d jump in their boats, attach the ropes to the side of their island, and drag the island back to its’ usual position.They are so resourceful. Continue reading “Standing on a floating island”