The valley of wonders

In my previous posts, I’ve written about my trip to Peru, including the journey towards Colca Valley. Colca Valley has been described as “the valley of wonders” and I completely agree. As we traveled from Arequipa to the Colca Valley, we experienced views of farming villages that looked like pieces of a beautiful puzzle set in the distance.

The epic views of Colca Valley, Peru

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Sometimes the journey is as good as the destination

Good evening everyone! I thought that I would pick up from my previous post about Peru and talk about our journey to Colca Valley; a region which, at its highest point, is 16,100 ft above sea level. This was one of the most difficult parts of the trip for me because I am not used to being in such high altitude. As we climbed higher and higher up the mountains, I felt myself feel slightly ill. The air was extremely thin and I found myself momentarily gasping for air.

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