The Algarve Beach Hopping Experience

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent the long weekend at The Algarves, Portugal.

If you are interested in good food, amazing parties and spectacular beaches, then The Algarve is the place to visit!

Having lived in Australia and always in relatively close vicinity to a beach, I have become quite the beach critic. The beaches at The Algarve definitely rank high on my list of must see beaches in Europe. Continue reading “The Algarve Beach Hopping Experience”

Sintra: Royal Palaces and Romantic Walking Trails

Where can you find a town full of Royal Palaces, romantic walking trails and an enchanted forest? I didn’t think that this existed, but I was proven wrong when my friend suggested that I visit the UNESCO  listed World Heritage town of Sintra. Throughout all my European travel adventures, this by far has been my favourite place for Palaces and even triumphs over Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle (aka Disney’s inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle). Continue reading “Sintra: Royal Palaces and Romantic Walking Trails”

What I love about Lisbon and what the tourist books don’t tell you

Hello all! As you may have seen in my last post, I was in Lisbon enjoying the beautiful architecture, sunny weather and Portuguese custard tarts!

To me, Lisbon was one of those European cities that made me feel alive. The streets had such a cool vibe, the people had such character and the streets were buzzing with activity. In this post, I’ll take you on a tour of Lisbon to my favourite spots. Continue reading “What I love about Lisbon and what the tourist books don’t tell you”

Where to find the best Portuguese custard tarts in the world!

Do you love desserts?

Better yet… do you love pastries filled with custard?

If you do, then you must also be a fan of Portuguese custard tarts!

During a trip to Lisbon on the long weekend, we visited the world-famous Pastéis de Belém to sample their Portuguese custard tarts! If you are ever in Lisbon, you must make sure that you visit the neighborhood of Belem to try one of these delicious bites of heaven. Continue reading “Where to find the best Portuguese custard tarts in the world!”

The Algarve food experience

I am back from a long weekend at The Algarve, Portugal. We decided to visit the Algarve for the beaches but were equally impressed by the seafood and grilled meat selections. We ate delicious salads of mozzarella and tomatoes, seafood stews, garlic prawns, peri peri chicken, grilled meats and fish, stuffed squid and more importantly, we followed the apparent tradition of eating donuts by the beach. Continue reading “The Algarve food experience”