How do you know when its the beginning of tourist season in Positano?

The beach at Positano

When we went to Positano, we took a walking tour with our friendly tour guide, Christine. As I mentioned in previous posts, the best way to see Positano is by walking, so this tour was the perfect way to see this beautiful region. It turns out that Christine used to live in Sydney too and traveled around Europe where she met her husband and set up house. He is from a family that has been in Positano for generations so it was great to understand more about Positano from a local’s perspective! What I found most interesting about this tour is that Christine knew so much about the history of Positano and could tell you things about this beautiful city that you would not be able to learn in books. Continue reading “How do you know when its the beginning of tourist season in Positano?”

The Amalfi Coast top things to do

The Amalfi Coast is an amazing stretch of coastline located on the Southern Coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula and has attracted people from around the world due to it’s natural beauty, crystal clear waters and vibrant culture. Are you thinking of going there?

In this post, I have suggested my top things to do, places to eat and how much it will cost. Hope you enjoy the Amalfi Coast as much as I did and if you have any questions or comments feel free to chat on twitter. Continue reading “The Amalfi Coast top things to do”