New Years Eve 2012 in Berlin: Happy New Year!


We celebrated New Years Eve in Berlin this year. Berlin was a quick flight from London so many of my friends flew in especially for New Years Eve and flew out on New Years Day. It was well worth the effort. Continue reading “New Years Eve 2012 in Berlin: Happy New Year!”

Behind the Berlin Wall: Freedom is a blessing

When I visited Berlin for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect. I remember learning about World War II in history class and not really understanding why or how it all happened. I remember being intrigued with all the war stories that I read as I researched content for my essays. I have always loved history and strangely intrigued by the World Wars so this is why we decided to go to Berlin for the weekend. This post will give you a little tour of Berlin – a city that remembers its dark past but continues to look forward to build a bright future. Continue reading “Behind the Berlin Wall: Freedom is a blessing”