What I love about Nice (France)

Nice, France. I have been here twice already and I still have fond memories of this place.

When Rick asked me where I wanted to travel to in December, I told him that we had not seen enough of France. I immediately remembered our Spring honeymoon which included a visit to Nice  three years ago. The weather was warm with a slight breeze and the promenade had a vibrant feel about it. Continue reading “What I love about Nice (France)”

A Nice week in Nice on the French Riviera

If I were to live in France, I would choose the charming city of Nice. Nice is one of the largest cities in France and forms part of the French Riviera. We spent some time there in May, just as the weather was heating up, so it was the perfect time to explore and live like a local.

Although most tourists use Nice as a base to explore other parts of the French Riviera, we actually spent time wandering, around eating the food and soaking in the atmosphere. Continue reading “A Nice week in Nice on the French Riviera”