My first white Christmas and learning to ski in Mayrhofen (Austria)

Belated Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that your Christmas was filled with cheer, good food and more importantly good times with family and friends.

2012 was a year of firsts for me. I usually spend my Christmas in Australia with my extended family. I missed them dearly in 2012 as I sadly could not make it back home. However, Rick and I made the most of our first white Christmas by going on a ski holiday with our friends in the beautiful resort town of Mayrhofen, Austria. Continue reading “My first white Christmas and learning to ski in Mayrhofen (Austria)”

Experience the magic of Vienna in Winter

Hallo! When in Vienna, what can be more magical than the Vienna Christmas Markets? Exploring the city of course! I was inspired by the architecture and the fact that the grass appeared as green as ever, even in the height of winter. When wandering down the street, I would always pause to watch the horses and carriages drive past; I am a hopeless romantic I guess! Continue reading “Experience the magic of Vienna in Winter”

Merry Christmas from Vienna Christmas markets

Vienna is a beautiful city in Austria which is rich in history and was home to great classical composers such as Mozart and Strauss. Though these are great reasons to visit Vienna, the main purpose of our stay was to sample the delicious Austrian delicacies and mulled wines best found in many of Vienna’s Christmas Markets. Continue reading “Merry Christmas from Vienna Christmas markets”

Salzburg can be a winter wonderland!

In my previous post, I wrote about my experience in Salzburg on the Sound of Music movie tour. Salzburg was on my bucket list specifically for the Sound of Music tour, but what I also found was that the city of Salzburg is so much more. It was a winter wonderland! If you want to read about my experience on this tour, check out my previous post and continue reading this post to find out more about what Salzburg has to offer! Continue reading “Salzburg can be a winter wonderland!”

The sound of music tour in Salzburg, relive the movie!

Salzburg, Austria is a picturesque city best known for it history in music! Salzburg is where Mozart created many of his masterpieces and many of the sites also formed the backdrop to the movie “The Sound of Music“. The Sound of Music Tour was the highlight of Salzburg for me and for so many reasons. The Sound of Music was a movie that was released in 1965 but has managed to enchant many generations of children and adults around the world.

Being on the tour made me feel like I was part of the Von Trapp family’s world just for a day! Continue reading “The sound of music tour in Salzburg, relive the movie!”