Life is a beach in Boracay

Life is just beachy in Boracay

Boracay is an island of the Philippines, known for its white sand beaches, aqua colored water and incredible atmosphere. Trip Advisor viewers voted Boracay as the number 2 beach to visit. I am a lover of beaches, so my criteria for a great beach is strict. Let me tell you the reasons why Boracay remains top of my list and why you would enjoy visiting there. Continue reading “Life is a beach in Boracay”

Riding on horse back up the Taal Volcanoe! Why I love Tagatay!!!

View of Tagatay, Philippines

I love volcanoes, and wherever I go, I always try to visit a volcano! So when I took my husband (fiancée at the time) to meet the rest of the extended family in the Philippines, we thought we’d do something touristy. The Taal Volcano was perfect for a small adventure before he had to go on the big adventure of meeting hundreds of my relatives and family friends (I’m not exaggerating). The Taal Volcano is located in the middle of Taal Lake and is also partially filled by water. The Taal Volcano is also near the beautiful city of Tagatay which is known for its picturesque views and friendly locals! Here is my journey to Tagatay and the Taal Volcano… Continue reading “Riding on horse back up the Taal Volcanoe! Why I love Tagatay!!!”