About me

Hello there! Welcome to ‘Part of My World’

My name is Christine and I’m glad that you dropped by!

This blog was about my exciting adventures as an Aussie expat living in London and also details my round the world travels. I have the travel bug bad! I enjoy learning about other cultures and tasting delicious food.

This blog is now about my life back in Australia as I explore this side of the world. I DO still plan on travelling to many destinations so stay tuned 🙂

Now that my family of 2 has become 3, I want to show you guys that travelling is possible when you have kids!

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Now a little about me!
I started writing this blog to share stories about my adventures and so I can connect with others with a similar mindset! This blog was also a way to let my family and friends know what I’m doing when I’m overseas in London (click here for details about our decision to move!).

I have always enjoyed fast paced environments so I’m constantly on the look-out to learn and try new things.

I wasn’t always like that…
I grew up in a small town and had a wonderfully active childhood, either roller-blading, drawing, making things and writing stories. I have always been goal-oriented and when I set my mind to it, I usually make it happen!

I moved from my small town to the ‘big city’ of Sydney. I was content living in Sydney. Life was good. I never wanted to travel anywhere outside of Australia, because to me, I was already in my ideal world.

Then, my friends started traveling and started telling me stories about the ‘big wide world’ out there. I heard stories about Asia, South America, the USA and Europe and my curiosity peaked.

Before starting my first job, I traveled throughout Thailand and although I loved the culture, all I would eat in Thailand was Pad Thai! I didn’t want to be a risk taker and stuck to what I knew!

After traveling to Hawaii with friends and seeing the ancient sites of South America, we were intrigued. We honeymooned in Europe and realised that there was so much out there to see and do. I visited sites and saw portraits of historical figures that I had only read about in books or seen in movies. I dared to write my own adventure.

So… I did something out of character and took a risk. I quit my job despite the fear of the unknown and despite the fact that the world was entering into yet another financial crisis!

My husband and I packed our bags and moved to London! It was the toughest decision of my life but one that I will never regret! Click here for the story behind it and here for the 6 things I wish I had known before becoming an expat!

I worked and lived in London and had an incredible experience. Now that I have small family, we decided to Australia another go and see more of this side of the world. Of course, travel will always be in my blood so you’ll also read more about my trips overseas from time to time.

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