The best view of the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Sign

One of my favourite things to do in LA is was to sit on the balcony of our holiday rental and enjoy the view of the Hollywood Hills. The view boasted a 360 view of the Hills and the Hollywood sign. In this post, I’ll give you a glimpse of life in the Hollywood Hills and will tell you where we drove to find the best view of the Hollywood sign. Let me know if you have any other vantage points to suggest!

The Sounds of the Hollywood Hills

I believe the Hollywood Hills is the most peaceful and beautiful part of LA. As you weave through crooked roads, past Californian-style mansions and super star homes, we felt a sense of excitement. We spotted the white castle like mansion of Moby and the grafiti-filled mansion of Chris Brown. We drove through roads where the girls of the reality-tv series “The Hills” would have driven through many times. I would have been more star struck to see Lauren Conrad (LC) to be perfectly honest!

Then at night, we enjoyed the luxury of seeing all these blended into one fantastic view. We loved hearing the sounds of the Hollywood Hills; the coyotes howl in the moonlight, pet dogs barking at cars passing by, and the distant sound of music pumping from various house parties. The hills are also home to mountain lions and bob cats so if you felt like a bit of adventure, you could walk to the Hollywood sign via hidden trails.

These noises would disappear in the morning as our verandah was enveloped by the morning dew. Silence would fill the air. Then as the sun set, the noises would return as the city lights turn on. It’s a magical sight.

The best view of the Hollywood Sign

While we had a great view of the Hollywood sign from our back yard, we decided to follow the instructions in this blog post here. Alyssa is an LA local and out of all the blog posts out there, her instructions were so clear that we managed to get the picture below! If you go to the same spot and blog about it, please comment below with the link to your post. I would love to see how your picture turned out.

Do you suggest any other way to get the best view of the Hollywood sign? If so, comment below and let the blogging community know!

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